Sean Gill

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Sean Gill has been involved in music for 25 years. During that time he has primarily been a guitarist, but also is a bassist, singer, recording engineer, composer, published songwriter, and visual artist. Sean has a degree in guitar performance focusing on jazz and classical, but has primarily recorded progressive metal and kinetic acoustic music in his own works. He has performed, engineered, and/or written eight full length albums and a smattering of E.P.s. Sean has also done studio guitar work for Hal Leonard Publishing, has had children’s music published by Plank Road Publishing, and has earned awards from the Progressive Rock Hall Of Fame. In addition to his solo work, Sean currently also works with progressive metal band Strange Land, tech-metal band Delusionist, Americana singer/songwriter Trinity Demask, and world music/media production collective Stone Soup Soldiers.

In his early days, Sean was influenced by bands like Iron Maiden and Rush, as well as guitar heroes like Yngwie Malmsteen and Joe Satriani. Sean then moved on to jazz and classical music, in addition to an ever expanding library of metal and prog, and sought out more educational opportunities. “After I heard Yngwie for the first time, I said I wanted to be a musician, not just a guitar player. I knew I needed more than just guitar basics to make that kind of music,” Sean says of his early development, “I absorbed many influences, but I was never the ‘sit in my room and wear out records learning guitar guy x’s solos, from almost the very beginning I wanted to write my own music and have my own voice.” Sean moved to Denver Colorado in 2010, happy to escape the miserable Wisconsin winters he grew up with.