Mike Dow

Mike Dow- 303 623-9448
Five-String Banjo  
Mike Dow lives in Lakewood and has benn playing banjo for over 25 years. He has studied with some of Colorado’s most prominent instructors, attended workshops, banjo camps and has been a part of the local bluegrass music scene for decades. Mike edited the Colorado Bluegrass Music Society’s newsletter for over 13 years and worked on the Society’s annual festival before it became RockyGrass. He specializes in the Scruggs- style three finger picking for bluegrass, but instructs in clawhammer or old-timey style. Mike also incorporates Celtic Fiddle Tunes, Blues and Jazz into his banjo style. Mr. Dow has developed what he considers a unique approach to teaching five-string bnjo, with an emphasis on teaching how the five-string banjo works and encouraging students to learn banjo licks, tunes, techniques and written music at their own pace. Mike’s goal is to give his students the knowledge to succeed and improve on the five-string banjo with minimal teacher interaction.